Formed in late 2003, Rising Power was meant to be a love tribute to the gods of Rock and Roll. No detail was denied. Their performance must be the perfect picture from their heroes appearances. And they achieved it. Each and every night is filled with the remarkable energy only High Voltage Rock and Roll can provide.

Gathering some of the most experienced musicians from the city of Campinas-SP, the band plays a razor sharp old school hard rock. Marcelo Jorge provides the crazy beat only the most prominent drummers can. Ricardo Costa´s bass classic style brings the power to the sound. The emblematic Vulcano takes care of the rhythm guitar shores. Fabiano Drudi provides the melodic yet energetic voice Rock and Roll demands. And it was up to Ricardo Peewee to incarnate the lead guitar legend, Angus Young himself.

Astonishing live performances, some of the most inspired musicians and high quality Rock and Roll music. These three elements together takes Rising Power to the number one spot as the best AC/DC Tribute band in Brazil.